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Adoptee Search
ACT NOW! - The Illinois Initiative
Read about an Illinois initiative for unconditional access for adult adoptees to their birth records.
Adoptee Birthfamily Connections
Provides links to search and support resources for adoptees looking for birth-family members.
Adoptee Web Page
Provides resources for adoptees, such as support groups and newsgroups. Read adoption definitions.
Adoptees Internet Mailing List
Non-searchable private forum for people looking for their birth parents to get support or exchange ideas and feelings.
Adoption Connections Project
Women's organization bringing mothers, adopted daughters, adoptive mothers, foster mothers and step mothers together, to share their stories.
Adoption Crossroads
Describes the work of the Council for Equal Rights in Adoption, a search and support network in the world for adoptees and birth parents.
Adoption Knowledge Affiliates
A non-profit organization offering support, services, and community to those touched by adoption. Includes contact details.
Adoption Network for Search, Reunion and Support
Includes news on adoption reform and reunions. Find links to support and research sites.
Adoption Records Database
Database helps those looking for their birth families. Search by birthday, name or message board.
Adoption Registration Coalition
Volunteer coalition of people who have been touched by adoption. Find Internet resources for searchers.
Adoption Search and Reunion
Learn about the fight to open adoption records, or visit personal pages of adoptees and birth mothers.
Adoption Triad Outreach
Register in the International Adoption Reunion Registry, join a chat, read current news regarding adoption, and browse adoption-oriented links.
Adoption counselors can add their listing, and the public can search for a counselor and submit queries. Also features chat and message boards.
Parents can search for adopted children and adopted children for their birth parents using this national adoption-registry service.
Bastard Nation
Site promotes open access to adoption records, as well as search and reunion support. Includes guides to getting started.
International online registry will help find adoptees, parents and siblings. Submit your own name for inclusion.
Carter's Adoption Search Page
Dedicated to providing adoptees, birth mothers and birth fathers with tips and resources for reuniting.
David's Adoption Search Page
Webmaster tells the story of the ongoing search for his birth mother. Offers many adoption resources.
Especially for Adoptees
Find extensive information about adoption and the search for birth relatives. Covers national and international search organizations.
Geborener Deutscher
Check out new and back issues of this newsletter created to help German-born adoptees and their birth and adoptive families find each other.
Giambalvo, Nancy Ellen - My Adoption and Search
Adoptee of partly Irish descent born in 1960 is looking for her biological family. Read her story and post a message of support or a prayer.
ISRR - International Soundex Reunion Registry
Adoptees and birth parents can use this free registry, which matches families separated by adoption.
jlight's Adoption Search Links
Features resources for birth mothers and adoptees. Read stories and articles.
Jules' Adoption Reunion and Search Site
In addition to a reunion story, this features many links to search resources, adoption legislation and reform issues.
Lynch's Adoption Reunion Registry
Free reunion registry is open to all members of the triad. It also has an adoption story and a links page.
Mari's Place - Adoption Resources
Check out nationwide search and support resources for adult adoptees and birth parents. Find articles, links and discussions.
Michigan Closed Adoption Network
Find resources for adoptees and birth families, including a reunion registry.
Ms. Fran's Home Page
Use Ms. Fran's resources to help find an adoptee or birth parent. Reunion, genealogy and adoption-service links are provided.
New York State Adoption Registry
Find birth/search registration postings for Our Lady of Victory Infant Home and postings for searches in all other parts of New York.
People Search - US SEARCH
Premium search service that locates lost family, friends, and others. Get addresses, phone numbers, aliases, bankruptcy history, and civil judgment records on anyone.|60772727;g=z/http://service.bfas...
Reunion Registry
Free mutual consent reunion registry offers services for adoptees, birth parents, lost loves, family, friends, military buddies and old friends.
Sheri's Adoption Reunion Registry
Free world-wide registry for adoptees and birth relatives. Registrants come from Germany, Australia and Ireland.
Sheri's Reunion & Still Searching Page
Features a personal story of reunited families and the continued search for two sisters.
Sylvia's N.Y. Adoption Page
Birth moms and adoptees who are searching in New York state can share their information.
T.I.E.S. Homepage
Organization helps adoptees living with life-threatening illness find and unite with their birth families.
The Difference
Resources and a campaign drive aimed at adoptees and others concerned with restricted access to adoption documents.
Unbearable Lightness of Being Adopted
Read a review of the Search Institute's study of adopted adolescents.
Uniform Adoption Act - UAA
Learn the facts about the Uniform Adoption Act, UAA, and how the government effects the search for biological family members.
Voices of Adoption
Resources for adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents connect t search tools, a FAQ, reading lists, magazines and books.
Volunteer Search Network
Nationwide group of volunteers will help find the families of adoptees, birthparents and their relatives.

Adoption Information
Information on all aspects of domestic and intercountry adoption.

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