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Overseas Adoptions
Adopt International
California based non profit adoption-agency. Find out about their domestic and international programs.
Adopt Vietnam
Guide to adoption from Vietnam offers a mailing list of parents to sign up for, resources for selecting an adoption agency, and related links.
Info about adoption agency available to U.S. citizens which specializes in the adoption of foreign-born orphans.
Adopting from Korea
Discover how to get the adoption process started, how to find the right adoption agency, how to survive red tape, and adoption-related links.
Multi-agency adoption resource center focusing on international adoptions, with photo listing of waiting children.
Adoption in Ukraine
Charitable organization offers translation and facilitation services for independent adoptions. Get legalities and other procedural details.
Adoption Services Associates' International Program
View photographs and read short descriptions of Eastern European children in need of loving homes. Call or email to inquire about adoption.
All As One
Nonprofit organization arranges adoptions of children from Sierra Leone, West Africa. Find out how to be a monthly sponsor, or read the FAQ.
America-China Adoption Association
Christian organization offers details on adoption from China, stories of adoptions, forms, and a FAQ.
American Embassy Information - Adopting Children in Indonesia
Read information on requirements by the government of Indonesia on adopting children in that country, including requirements for a child's passport.
Association for Research in International Adoption
Gathers details about adoption research throughout the world. Find links to issues that affect adoptive parents.
Child and Parent Services Adoption Agency
Agency based in Michigan emphasizes international adoptions. Read about its philosophy, learn what it offers, and find out its fees.
Chinese Children Adoption International
Nonprofit adoption agency specializes in adoptions from China. Offers Chinese and American staff.
Christian Family Life Center
Nonprofit St. Louis-based international and domestic agency specializes in placing Romanian babies in collaboration with the Iulia Foundation.
Christian World Adoption
Adoption agency aiming for better adoption conditions. Includes information on international adoption.
Chrysalis House Adoption Agency
Details on the goals and processes of this full-service nonprofit that handles both international and domestic placement as well as foster care.
CNN - The New Americans
CNN chronicles a family's attempt to adopt two orphaned children from Kazakhstan in a five-part series.
Come Unity - Vietnam Adoption
Find how to adopt from Vietnam, read stories of adoptions, and subscribe to the email list.
Dillon International, Inc.
Specializes in adoptions, post-adoption support, and aid to children from Korea, China, India, Haiti, Guatemala, Vietnam, Russia, and Ukraine.
Elina International Adoption Services
International nonprofit specializes in facilitating adoptions for children from Russia, Ukraine and Romania. Access FAQs and success stories.
Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption
Find detailed information about this international adoption group and survey an online membership form.
Families with Children from China
Resources and support for families who have adopted or considering an adoption from China.
Families with Children from Vietnam
Family to family adoption support network for adoption from Vietnam offers a photo gallery, a list of chapters, and featured family stories.
Great Wall China Adoption
Agency assists parents who wish to adopt children from China. See pictures of the children or read the new CCAA documentation regulations.
Heart of God Orphanage and Haitian Adoption Ministries
Meet the staff, view photo-listings of children, and find out how to adopt a Haitian orphan through this ministry.
Helping Hand, A
Nonprofit, Christian adoption agency facilitates the placement of orphans around the world. Learn about programs in China and Ukraine or request an info packet.
How to Adopt Internationally
Order a guide explaining the requirements and expenses involved in the process of adopting children from among 68 participating countries.
Int'l Adoption & Child Abduction
State Department information about documentation and compliance requirements for adopting children from other countries.'s_issues.html
International Adoption Resource
Adoption facilitation resource has programs with Russia, Guatemala, India and Ukraine. Describes the complete international adoption process.
Internet Adoption Photolisting
Find photos of more than 500 children available for international adoption through adoption agencies and facilitators in 15 countries.
NAIC - Chinese Adoption Resources
National Adoption Information Clearinghouse offers lists of organization, Internet sources, and literature concerning adoption from China.
National Adoption Info Clearinghouse - Korean Adoption Resources
Directory of associations and publications relevant to international adoptions from Korea.
Orphans Overseas
Learn about this international adoption and humanitarian relief agency, which currently has offices in Russia, China, Kazakstan, Ukraine, and Vietnam.
Personal China Adoption Stories
Provides links to China adoption stories on the Web. Also offers resources on adopting from China.
Rainbow House International
Nonprofit agency licensed in two states for direct adoption services, and able to make placement referrals in all US states. - Online International Adoption Publ.
A source for international adoption information. View pictures of children awaiting adoption, read biographies and check a list of agencies,
Russian Adoption Medical Services
Find a newsletter, charity list, and medical information for travelers to Russia and children to be adopted. Includes info on common problems.
Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children
Private nonprofit agency offers both domestic and international child placement programs and services. Access resources, news, and events.
U. S. State Department - International Adoption, Bahrain
State Department discusses requirements for adoptions from Bahrain.
U. S. State Department - International Adoption, China
State Department details requirements for adopting from China.
U. S. State Department - International Adoption, Hong Kong
Read official requirements for adopting from Hong Kong and see statistics on child availability.
U.S. State Department - International Adoption, Bangladesh
State Department lists requirements to obtain guardianship of a minor in Bangladesh.
U.S. State Department - International Adoption, India
US State Department offers advice on the procedures for an adoption from India with contact information for adoption agencies and Indian child welfare offices.
US State Department - International Adoption, Romania
US State Department discusses international adoption from Romania. Find out about the moratorium and learn about regulations.
US State Department - International Adoption, Vietnam
Gives advice and legal considerations for people considering adopting children from Vietnam. Read statistics and find out about documentation.
Westernized Adoptee
Essay discusses the ramifications of the westernization of adoptees, both culturally and ethnically.
Yunona Orphan Relief Fund
International non-profit organization and adoption resource center specializes in photolisting and adoptions from Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Adoption Information
Information on all aspects of domestic and intercountry adoption.

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